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San Diego Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

San Diego aerial yoga teacher training aims to offer each learner the skills necessary to instruct successfully, safely, and ethically while respecting their unique voice and teaching style. The course material will show you how to use the hammock to support your current yoga or fitness teaching style and daily routine. You’ll get a fresh perspective on gravity, expand your knowledge of alignment, and improve Pranic flow throughout your body. The goal is to reunite the mind, body, and soul ultimately. The training will thus include how to use aerial yoga for the many incredible physical advantages and spiritual and emotional development, enhancing one’s relationship to their practice and dharmic path.

Is Aerial Yoga For Beginners?

These are a few of the numerous questions that people new to aerial yoga, like you, will have! Suppose you finally took the plunge and registered for your first aerial yoga teaching training course. Even if you may have done some research or spoken to others enrolled in the class, you’re still a little uneasy as the big day approaches. It’s normal to feel nervous before attending your first beginner aerial yoga session, and that’s the point.

Every class of aerial yoga is unique and is taught in a certain way using a variety of hammocks and silks. Teachers ultimately create their methods for their students as it becomes popular. Moreover, there are various studio regulations for the courses you attend, so be aware that what to anticipate during your first aerial lesson may vary depending on the location of the class.

Where Can I Find Aerial Yoga Teacher Training?

Despite the widespread popularity of yoga, only some are acquainted with aerial yoga. Below is a list of the best aerial yoga teacher training programs globally.

  • Rishikesh, India

This 6-day Aadi Yoga School workshop in Rishikesh combines aerial arts with yoga practices. Discover aerial theory and its advantages. You’ll also learn how to properly teach the poses to repair deep muscles and fascia and increase flexibility.

  • Maracanã, Brazil

This 8-day Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Para, Brazil, is for aerial enthusiasts of all levels. This mat yoga course includes hammock asanas. Discover how hanging inverted in an anti-gravity environment may increase your flexibility and muscular endurance, and why this yoga style is excellent for your body.

  • Kamesznica, Poland

Join Flowmove in Poland for eight days of cool air, nature, and a friendly atmosphere. In this course, you’ll practice aerial flow twice daily with seminars on asana alignment, aerial analytics, and teaching practice. You’ll learn what you need to know to start your Aerial routine trial, give lessons, and get a certificate from the International Aerial yoga teacher training.

  • Bali, Indonesia

For a 6-day aerial yoga teacher program in Bali, join “Anaahat Yoga.” The lesson lets you joyfully float in comfortable hammocks and create space in your body, developing flexibility and strength. You’ll learn hammock restorative yoga asanas and how to create aerial yoga patterns.

  • Koh Phangan, Thailand

ULU Yoga in Koh Phangan, Thailand, offers fun, tropical aerial yoga teacher training! You’ll study aerial Hatha and Vinyasa at Bounty Resort for seven days. Anybody may take the course, whether they want to teach aerial photography or acquire a fun new talent.

Can Anyone Do Aerial Yoga?

People from all walks of life are participating in the trend of aerial yoga teacher training, which is growing in popularity throughout the globe. Yet, there are many online discussions regarding who may do aerial yoga and whether it is appropriate for males, pregnant women, members of certain faiths, and many others.
Everyone is invited to participate; the only reason someone could find it difficult is if they have some physical constraint that has persisted over time; however, there may still be methods for these individuals to participate. As we’ve already established, everyone is welcome to attend aerial yoga teacher training, yet many individuals still have concerns about their ability to participate.

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