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Yoga on C was born from the union of tradition and innovation

Yoga on C was born from the union of tradition and innovation. We asked ourselves, what would happen if the best practices from ancient India for personal growth and empowerment combined with the American vision of a better life founded on creativity, diversity and the spirit of adventure? Our answer…a new yoga for a new you.

Why Yoga On C?

We provide the most effective forms of the recent past while maintaining an eye towards new possibilities for yoga. All of our classes highlight through fun and diverse practices: what yoga was, what yoga is, and what yoga is becoming. We, furthermore, aim to prove to you that a yoga practice grounded in a renewed sense of play and wonder, will lead you to a rebirth of happiness and well-being.

Weekly Classes

Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vin/Yin Yoga, Yoga Dhara and Yoga Sculpt 

Monthly Workshops

We offer a variety of fun, informative, and interactive workshops every month

Elevate Your Practice

Module 1—Different Paths—explores the history and philosophy of the diverse yogic paths, along with the fundamentals of numerous poses, and breathing exercises.

Module 2—Different Summits—takes you even deeper into more advanced pose break downs, anatomy, how to sequence a class, as well as the subtle body system.

Classically Conscious, Yet Future Focused

Our classes, workshops, and YTT all provide you with a solid background in the practice, theory, history, philosophy, and joy of various forms of yoga. Yoga on C strongly believes in respecting the two thousand five-hundred-year-old heritage of the diverse yogic paths, while simultaneously seeking to illuminate completely novel ways for you to deepen your practice in the modern world’s fast-paced, demanding lifestyle. We often say we are classically conscious, yet future focused.