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Free Yoga Class San Diego

We host a free yoga class almost every week!

Free Yoga Classes Give New Teachers More Experience.

We offer Free Yoga Classes because we believe in supporting our community and our new teachers to gain more experience and a chance to find their unique teaching style.

What Type Of Class Are The Free Yoga Classes?

Our Free Yoga Classes are beginner level vinyasa yoga classes, great for improving flexibility, decreasing stress and dipping your toe into the world of yoga.

See our free yoga class schedule below and support our new teachers!

Looking To Deepen Your Own Yoga Experience?

Once you try a free class with one of our newest teachers, try a yoga class led by one of our seasoned instructors. Each instructor brings their own perspective and experience to their classes and it can be fun to try them all!

Class packages are very affordable and your first 2 weeks of unlimited classes are at a huge discount!