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Yoga Sculpt HIIT Class

Yoga Sculpt Classes are a great way to combine the poses, stretching and holistic principles with a more rigorous strength-training workout. And at Yoga on C, we take Yoga Sculpt Classes to a whole new level and have started calling them Yoga Sculpt HIIT Classes, because the workout is that good!!

Do you love the Yoga approach to life?
Are you looking for a better strength training workout?
Wish you could work out with a personal trainer?

Our Yoga Sculpt HIIT Classes might be perfect for you!

Why do we call them Yoga Sculpt HIIT Classes?

So where does the HIIT come in? As you probably know, HIIT classes are High-Intensity Interval Training. It’s not often that your Yoga Sculpt teachers are also Certified Personal Trainers, but that’s exactly what you get here at Yoga on C.

What is a Yoga Sculpt HIIT Class?

Yoga Sculpt brings the benefits of free weights (building muscle and increasing metabolism) into a Vinyasa style class. When music, yoga, and resistance training meet, you have a one stop shop for all your fitness, cardio, community, and spiritual needs.

Come see what all the hype is about and why this is one of the most popular yoga forms on the market today.

Erin Yoga Sculpt HIIT Classes

Our Yoga Sculpt teachers are also Certified Personal Trainers!

We use that additional training to guide you to push yourself and make the most of your workout! In our Yoga Sculpt classes, you get an amazing workout that can challenge your stamina and strength, just like you would experience in a HIIT class. So, we call them Yoga Sculpt HIIT Classes!

If you’re looking to take your workout to the next level—try our Yoga Sculpt HIIT Classes in Coronado! We’d love to have you join our community!