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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is all about placing poses in a specific order and then moving through the sequence, sometimes at a brisk, energetic pace. When some people think of yoga today, they are really thinking of a Power Vinyasa class. The full range of postures are utilized: standing, seated, inversions, arm balances, kneeling, twisting, and binding. Expect a warm up portion, an energetic middle component to a class and then likely a grounded cool down portion at the end culminating in a shavasana rest for a few minutes.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 1 Vinyasa

The foundational poses with a focus on proper technique with optional assists. This is a great class for BOTH beginners and intermediate yogins because too many people attempt to advance with improper form, which eventually may limit your ability. There are rarely, if ever, any inversions and arm balances are used sparingly. Modifications are provided during the rare moments a harder pose may be called out.

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New poses are introduced and there is a focus on all around skills: essential to intermediate inversions, accessible arm balances, and deeper twisting poses with binds.

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This is NOT a beginner class. The good news for die hard yogins is that this class will keep you progressing into the truly elite territory of very advanced poses. Expect a lot of strength based inversions and linked mini sequences from one challenging pose to two or three others. This is a great way to test what sort of shape you are really in!

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Why do Vinyasa at Yoga on C?

We offer Level 1-Level 3 classes; this may seem normal, but it is not. One major problem with some studios is that they tend to just hit the middle of the market, meaning they offer level 2 classes that never let the intermediate practitioner achieve their full potential, but more concerning, their aiming at the middle excludes new people from getting into yoga. Here at Yoga on C, we are very conscious of the different skill levels of various practitioners. You can walk in to a Level 1 Vinyasa class knowing nothing or you can be an advanced yogin and be seriously challenged by our Level 3 Vinyasa class. At all levels, we frequently offer new sequences, which keeps you growing stronger in your practice and advancing forward as far as you want to take things, sky is the limit…well Level 3 is, but you get the idea!

The Deeper Dive

Why has yoga become so popular in the last few decades? One reason is likely that people in today’s fast-paced, diverse, and modern world want to be able to get a two-for-one so to speak. Many established religious or spiritual practices often involve a lot of standing and sitting maybe one day a week, but there is not too much else going on for the body. Gyms do wonders for the body, but are often short on the heart muscle; you may feel stronger physically, but still empty emotionally and or spiritually. Modern Postural Yoga, especially Vinyasa, has solved this by providing a practice that somehow mysteriously nourishes one’s heart and mind, soul and body, all in a one hour format that you can go to any day of the week. In addition to working out and connecting to some sort of higher power, people also like creativity, dancing, and they love sharing with a community. Vinyasa at Yoga on C provides all of these things; we are confident that the experience of a yoga practice will totally transform your life for the better.